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What is a party bus? What is a limo?

The average person looking to do a party bus or limo rental will have a basic idea of what each of these two vehicles are. Typically, you have seen a picture/video of one of these vehicles or possibly even seen them being driven in your local community. However, I’m shocked at how many people have never been inside a party bus or limo. That said, let’s go over a simple explanation of what both a limo and a party bus are so everyone will have a decent visualization.

A party bus is a large, conventional bus or coach, except it is modified and designed to carry groups of people for recreational purposes, aka a party. Some party buses can fit up to fifty people, which can be great for those larger groups. Typically, party buses will be either white or black on the exterior, to provide that luxury look and feel. The interior of party buses usually consists of leather seats that hug the walls of the party bus and a dance floor in the middle. There are usually “club-like” lighting effects and lasers to really get the party going. Additional features of party buses will usually include Bluetooth surround sound systems, dancing poles, and wet bars for the group to enjoy.

A limo, or limousine, is a long, luxury vehicle with a partition between the driver and passenger compartments. Limos can also be called stretch limousines or stretch “vehicle type” limo; for example, stretch Hummer limo. Limos are typically meant for smaller groups from a couple of people, up to around twenty-five people. Limos are mainly black or white on the exterior, just like party buses. However, the main difference between a limo and a party bus is that limos are meant for sitting and there is not a dance floor. Like party buses, limos have Bluetooth surround sound systems and wet bars to get the party going.

In conclusion, party buses and limos are essentially meant to do the same thing, which is to transport groups of people in a fun way. There are a bunch of variations of party buses and limos for you to choose from, whether you have a small group of around five people or a large group of thirty people, there is something for everyone. So now that you know what each of these vehicles are, head over to the Shofeur homepage and begin your search for your next party bus or limo rental!


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