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  • How does Shofeur work for renters?
    Shofeur is an online marketplace that connects people looking for chauffeured rentals with vehicle owners that can provide the service you need. Whether you're looking for a limousine or a party bus, Shofeur has you covered. You may start the process by following these steps below: 1. Start browsing our listings by using the search box on our homepage ( and entering in the city in which you need your group to be picked up from. 2. Once you execute your search, listings will be displayed for you to browse. If you wish to filter the search results further, you may use our filters. Hint: these filters will help you find the exact vehicle you need! 3. When you find a vehicle you like, you may send an inquiry directly to the vehicle’s owner by clicking "Reserve". You will be asked to enter details about your desired reservation that will help the vehicle owner price your trip. Once you submit the reservation request successfully, it will be sent directly to the vehicle owner for them to respond. 4. The vehicle owner will either send you an offer with customized pricing for your reservation request, which you can accept to confirm the reservation; or they may decline your reservation request if they cannot accommodate your reservation. 5. Shofeur will then ask you for the full payment for your reservation when you accept a vehicle owner's offer. Please be sure to review the vehicle owner's cancellation and refund policies before you accept a booking. Please note Shofeur’s service fees are non-refundable. 6. Once you've paid, you'll be good to go. At that point, you'll receive a confirmation email of your booking and you may contact the owner directly via phone, email, or direct message within the Shofeur platform (contact info cannot be shared until an offer is accepted). 7. Once your trip is completed, you may leave a review about your experience! That's it! There's no obligation when you send a reservation request.
  • Why should I pay through Shofeur?
    By using Shofeur’s platform, you are covered by our Terms of Use and enjoy these benefits: Easy refunds via credit card Ease of mind. We don't pay owners until your trip has been successfully completed Simple booking process Access to our customer support that is available 7 days a week Email confirmation of your booking with all the important trip details There are also cool features you will have access to if you book through Shofeur including leaving reviews, posting about your trip on social media, and getting reviewed yourself to enhance your appeal to future owners who you want to rent from! If you have any further questions about payment, you can always contact us at
  • What is the Cancellation and Refund policy?
    Each listing on Shofeur has its own unique cancellation and refund policy. Once you accept an offer from an owner, you are also agreeing to their cancellation and refund policy. If something arises and you need to cancel before your trip is due to begin, you will be refunded according to that owner's cancellation and refund policy. Shofeur's service fees are always non-refundable. **Before booking your reservation, we suggest that you not only ask the vehicle owner/operator what their COVID-19 cancellation and refund policy is, but also research how COVID-19 restrictions could affect your reservation plans. Keep in mind our service fee is non-refundable.**
  • Can I make changes to my confirmed reservation?
    Let your host know if you would like to make any changes to a confirmed reservation. They will assist you and let you know if this involves a change in the price.
  • Does each reservation include a chauffeur?
    Yes! All vehicles in the Shofeur marketplace come with a certified chauffeur. Additionally, all vehicles will have the correct licensing and certifications that allow them to transport groups of people in a safe and legal manner.
  • What are the etiquette guidelines?
    Some hosts include gratuity in their prices while others expect you to tip your chauffeur. You can always tip your chauffeur if they go above and beyond your expectations. Your driver typically has everything they need so that you can focus on enjoying your time. This includes things like food and water for long reservations. Please be careful not to damage the vehicle as you will be responsible to cover any repairs due to negligence. Let your chauffeur know if there are any spills or other accidents that will require their attention.
  • What happens if my reservation goes over the allotted time?
    Don't worry, this is actually pretty common. Time flies when you're having fun! We will confirm the actual end time with you and use your card on file to cover the additional time. This will use the same hourly rate you were originally quoted.
  • Deposits and payments
    Eligibility Reservations that are paid at least a month in advance of the pickup date are eligible to pay a deposit to secure the date. Select "Reserve now, pay later" during checkout to sign up. The payment plan will include 2 to 4 payments depending on how much time is left. There are no additional fees. Payment plan You will be automatically billed every 2 weeks for the remaining payments. You may add additional payment methods as alternates. Missed payments There are no late fees or credit reporting for missed payments. The reservation will be canceled if we are still unable to collect a payment after contacting you. Refunds will be handled in accordance with the host's policy. Transaction and service fees are non-refundable.
  • How do I get paid when using Shofeur?
    First things first, you need to create an account with Shofeur and list your vehicles! Once you do that, renters will begin to inquire and before you know it, you will have your first reservation booked through Shofeur. As soon as you mark the reservation "complete" in your reservation management, a payment in the amount of the reservation will be sent to the bank account you connected within your Shofeur account. Note that if you connect an account from one of the "big banks" (wells fargo, chase, bank of america, etc.) you will be paid out INSTANTLY. Which means the funds will be in your account within a few minutes from marking a reservation "complete". If you do not have an account with one of the "big banks", then you can expect your payment to arrive in your bank account within 3 - 5 business days.
  • What does a typical transaction breakdown look like with Shofeur?
    Below is how a typical reservation transaction will go.
  • How are cancellations and refunds handled on Shofeur?
    YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF EVERYTHING. We do not want you to abide by certain cancellation/refund rules, as we do not want to change the way you do business. Our goal is to protect both operators and renters by being as transparent as possible. That said, you get to determine your own cancellation and refund policies. :) When customers agree to Shofeur's "Terms and Conditions", they are agreeing to your cancellation and refund policies. Note that we do advise you to list your policies within each of your listing descriptions for complete transparency.
  • How are incidentals collected?
    Proof of incident must be provided. The customer will be charged in accordance with our terms & conditions. If we are unable to collect the payment, we will notify you and block the customer from booking on the platform again until the balance is settled.
  • What is the Reputation Management policy regarding Reviews?
    Maintaining a positive reputation is key to running a successful business. We are committed to helping you get as many reviews as possible to establish a trustworthy track record that clients can be confident in. One of the central tenants of the Shofeur marketplace is honest reviews. Maintaining trust is essential to a healthy marketplace and must not be compromised. Bad reviews - Every host gets occasional negative reviews. Not only is this OK, but here are some reasons why it’s actually a good thing: Authenticity: Imagine a platform where almost every single listing has 5 stars. That wouldn’t be very believable now, would it? Clients can smell when something is fishy. Accountability: Clients want reassurance that if they do in fact have a negative experience, they will be able to make their voice heard. Thinking that your review can be contested or deleted when you have a legitimate complaint undermines the system’s integrity. Averages: Over time, hosts who consistently provide exceptional service will maintain higher averages. This is the point of having reviews in the first place. Competition: Some clients may prefer to pay as little as possible and don’t mind selecting a host with mediocre ratings, while other clients will pick the highest-rated host regardless of price. This means that different hosts can successfully operate at different baseline levels of service. Improvement: Constructive feedback provides a great opportunity to evaluate ways your services can be improved. When potential clients read through a history of reviews, occasional one-off issues are not all that compelling. However, a pattern of uncorrected behavior is a red flag. In fact, showing improvement over time is a great way to earn the trust of new clients! Policies Every customer is asked to review their reservation experience upon completion. Every review is counted. Inappropriate comments are moderated. New vehicles/businesses do not have their aggregate rating shown until they have accumulated at least 3 reviews. This prevents one negative review early on from irreparably skewing your rating. There is no process to contest or delete reviews. Recent reviews are weighted more heavily than older ones. This ensures that improvement over time is rewarded and scores reflect current conditions. No public responses. Our internal chat system ensures that you are already in communication with your clients. Any thanks for good reviews or follow-up for negative reviews should be handled privately. On platforms where you can comment on reviews, there is pressure to write customized responses to every review which only wastes more time. We include the option for clients to provide public and private comments separately. This allows them to provide more candid feedback privately and leave better public reviews.
  • How does the referral program work?
    Anyone can sign up. Simply create an account and then click on the sign up button on your My Account page to create your own personal code. We will mail a flier with a QR code to you if you want to place it on/in your vehicle. Customers can scan your QR code or enter your code at checkout to receive a discount. And you earn cash rewards. Customers may re-use referral codes as many times as they wish.

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