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Maximous Royal Transport LLC

New · Houston, TX

Hosted by Yezabel

7 guests

We provide a top tier experience with customizable limo services at an affordable price.
You are our...

$130/hr or $5/mi


No commitment or credit card needed

Chauffeur Always Included

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Every reservation includes a Chauffeur to drive the vehicle.

About Yezabel

Limo Services

No smoking

3 hour minimum


Soft drinks

Soft drinks

Soft drinks

Soft drinks

Soft drinks

Soft drinks


Cancel within 12 hours for a full refund. Cancel within 4 hours for a half refund.

Maximum Capacity:
Number of passengers cannot be exceeded as stated on
your reservation. If the number of passengers is more than
expected reservation maybe terminated or accommodated
as long as all passengers are safe to ride. Extra fees will
apply at the moment of accommodation. Client takes full
responsibility for Client, clients guests. Any and all damages done to the vehicle.
Minimum charges for the damages will be as follow: $320 vomiting
$290 each cigarette burn
$150 gum/glitter stain on carpet
$30 each broken/missing glass $20 trash left behind
Client Behavior:
Clients are allowed to play their own music inside vehicle. No
jumping,screaming or cursing allowed inside vehicle at any
time. Speak and behave respectfully towards your driver. Any
disrespect done towards the driver or vehicle will be an immediate termination for the ride. To which the client is
responsible to find an alternative way to get to their destination.
Smoking/Food &Alcohol:
No Smoking or eating inside the vehicle at any time. No
possession, sale or consumption of narcotics permitted. No alcoholic beverages permitted inside the vehicle at any time. Alternative beverages are allowed upon request.
Waiting Time:

Additional fees may occur for waiting time. No extra charge for the first 15 minutes. After 15 minutes there is a fee of $20 for every 15 minutes of wait time. After 45 minutes client will consider no show. To which ride will be terminated.
Reservations should be cancel 12 hrs ahead of time for full
refund. Any cancelations due after that will be considered late. Client will only be entitled for a 50% refund.


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average rating is 3 out of 5

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