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The is a beautiful black stretch limo. We supply on all our stretch limousine rentals the following...



No commitment or credit card needed

Chauffeur Always Included

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Every reservation includes a Chauffeur to drive the vehicle.

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No smoking

3 hour minimum



Cancel within 24 hours for a full refund.

The client confirms that they are the owner of the credit card they supply and authorizes
Sweetheart limo to charge said card for the agreed upon amount plus any overtime or damages.

Cancellations by certified letter only, email is not an acceptable form of cancellation.

Any additional scheduling the night of the event must be approved through the office and paid for by cc card.

Client confirms they are over 18 years of age and can legally enter into a contract.

The Mechanics at Sweetheart Limousines try their very best to keep the vehicles in top shape. Each vehicle is inspected before departure, ensuring all systems are working properly.
Our mechanics reserve the right to upgrade vehicles without prior notice, without any additional charge to the client. Sweetheart limousines will not issue refunds for mechanical failure or for replacement vehicles. 20% of the total is the maximum refund that would be considered for any reason.


Contract for Service Agreement

!. All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. Reservations less than one thousand dollars require a two hundred dollar deposit. Reservations over one thousand dollars require half of the total as a non refundable deposit. Cancellations must be done via certified letter to Sweetheart Limousines 14 days prior to your rental. If there are less than 14 calendar days until the date of your rental you will be responsible to pay the total agreed contract price and the balance will be charged to the credit card on file. If you decide to cancel within at least 14 days of your scheduled rental date then you are only responsible for the initial deposit as per the reservation contract agreed upon at time of scheduling. Any and all deposits are Non-refundable no matter the date of service or date of reservation scheduling was made.

2. In some circumstances an email scan image of your credit card, driver license & credit card authorization form may be required to be emailed to Sweetheart Limousine. This is for your security against credit card fraud and ID theft.

3. No passengers or other occupants under the age of 21 are permitted to consume alcohol. Violation will result in early termination of service with no refunds.

4. If alcohol is permitted and consumed resulting in vomiting or other spills and/or stains occur there will be a steam-cleaning surcharge of $150 per incident.

5. NO SMOKING is permitted in any vehicle, limousine, or other conveyances. Violation will result in a fine of $100 per incident, NO EXCEPTIONS.

6. NO Illegal Drug Use is permitted. Any violation will result in early termination with no refunds.
7. No disruptive behavior such as attempting to access the sunroofs by standing up, and no heads or limbs outside of windows or sunroofs. Anyone engaging in disruptive behavior or illegal activities will be removed from the limo or other conveyances at the discretion of the chauffeur with no refunds being issued.

8. SweetHeart Limousines nor any of the staff will be held responsible for lost, broken, damaged, or “stolen” property.

9. Broken, or missing crystal decanters are $75 each, broken or missing glassware is $30 each. These charges will be applied to the clients credit card on file, and an invoice email to client.

10. Any Over Time that may be incurred going over the allotted amount of scheduled time will be billed in half hour increments. By agreeing to this service contract with Sweetheart Limousines, you, the Customer, are agreeing to pay for any accrued Over Time with the “half hour rate” determined by the hourly rate being divided in half.

11. Sweetheart Limousine is NOT responsible for any mechanical breakdowns or machine electronic failures whether preventable or not. No, you, the customer are not entitled to a “full” or “partial” refund due to “mechanical failures”

12. In cases of “Severe Weather” and a cancellation on the part of the affiliate company, the “Non-Refundable” Deposit(s) can be used as credit toward the renting of a limo or other vehicular conveyances of Equal or Greater Value.

13. Any noticeable damages or acts of vandalism to any property of Sweethearts Limousines including missing items from limos and other livery conveyances (i.e. Glasses, Decanters, D.V.D(s), etc) will be replaced and PAID for by you, the Customer which includes damages, or petty theft by the hands of your guests, passengers or other occupants during the agreed service terms. Such charges if incurred will be charged to the customer at “cost + 25% for such damages and missing items.

14. All tolls, additional parking fees, or changes to final destination ending point may incur extra surcharges when or if applicable

15. Sweetheart Limousines may allow for an “upgrade” based on availability, schedule, and other factors. This decision is only applicable when agreed upon and Sweetheart Limousines never “down grades” but does NOT guarantee an “Upgrade” is always plausible.


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