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Reviews = Transparency. Agree?

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Reviews are essential when looking for a reliable transportation company. This is the primary mechanism customers have for keeping the business accountable and letting others know how they treated you. Here are a few things you should know about how reviews work.

Many channels for reviews

Reservations can be made through many different platforms. Each site has its own policies for how reviews are collected and curated. Unfortunately, review management can skew the perception of how a business really treats its customers. It also makes it difficult to get the full picture when there are only a handful of reviews on each site.

Not all reviews make it

Some businesses rely on tactics that prevent bad reviews from ever making it into their public profiles. One of the ways this is done is by only sending a review request to clients who they are confident had a great time. In other words, if you were visibly upsey something, you won’t be asked to review them in the first place.

Reviews can be contested

If you do leave a review, the business can use any number of excuses to appeal it and try to have it removed. Many sites are overwhelmed by the number of appeals and

rely on me form of automation to deal with the requests. You will not even know if your review was taken down. Usually, there is no option to restore your review or leave another one. To the right is an ad we saw recently -->

At Shofeur, we pride ourselves on having real transparency! This means that every customer gets to review their experience and every review gets posted. Try to be polite so we don’t have to bleep it out . We hold our hosts accountable to earn and maintain their reputation. This is one of our core values that we won’t compromise. So that way you can have confidence in every reservation you make on Shofeur. :)


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