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Software for innovative transportation companies

Shofeur provides modern and easy-to-use software
to manage your entire business at no direct cost to you.

For operators

For drivers

What you get with Shofeur:

Driver/Operator app (iOS/Android) to manage your entire business from + turn-by-turn navigation built in.

Customer booking link

Automated lead capture and follow-up

Real-time chat

App-to-app notifications

Shofeur Shield - no more chargebacks for you, forever

Dynamic Pricing

Verified reviews

No more payment
processing hassles

Your own dedicated business profile landing page on Shofeur

Operators love us.

Popular questions

What is the actual price of Shofeur?

Utilizing Shofeur comes at no direct cost to you - no matter how large or small your organization is. We do not charge setup fees, monthly fees or annual fees.

If Shofeur is no cost for me, how does Shofeur make money?

We keep it simple and are fully transparent about how we make money. We charge a minimum $2 service fee to the customer for every reservation processed through Shofeur. The service fee fluctuates based off of the reservation amount. See an example of a transaction breakdown below:

Amount you keep


Service fee


Transaction fees


Total due


Your earnings

Shofeur earnings

Card processing & instant payout

Customer payment

Why should I choose Shofeur over “the other guys”?

We like to say that we’re the “no BS” platform our industry deserves.

We know “the other guys” like to charge you for things called “add-ons” or promise you “your own app” for $500+ per month... when in reality all they’re doing is nickel-and-diming you for e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

You’re their customer. You’re paying them monthly or annual fees no matter what. It doesn’t matter if it’s slow season for you or not, you’re paying them.

With Shofeur, you’re not paying us monthly or annual fees. We don’t make money, if you don’t make money. You are not our customer - you are our PARTNER.

If that sounds like something you want to be a part of, get started today - it takes less than 10 mins!

How long has Shofeur been in operation?

Shofeur has been operating since May 2022.

Types of transportation businesses Shofeur is perfect for:

Independent chauffeur operators

Shuttle operators

Medical transportation provider

Party bus & limo operators

Bus & coach operators

Any other transportation provider

Save time, grow profits.

Easily manage & automate your entire business.

How Shofeur Works For Operators

You Grow Your Profits

Asset 1.png

No monthly fees. No setup fees. No transactional fees. Easy-to-use, modern software that automates your entire business for you. From reservations, drivers (app), payments (say goodbye to chargebacks), communications and many more features; your business will function seamlessly. 

We Do The Marketing

We know marketing your website and fleet is costly and time consuming. Which is why Shofeur will do the marketing for you at no cost! Each of your vehicle listing pages on Shofeur will get more exposure than you could've ever imagined. Our in-house, digital marketing experts will give your brand the recognition it deserves.

We bring the renters

Asset 3.png

Shofeur is on its way to being the largest marketplace for people to rent chauffeured limos, party buses, and other group vehicles. We’ll bring the customers by the thousands and you can leave the marketing and transaction details to us.



Gaining traction

Payment processing with Shofeur Shield

Organic leads

Automatic notifications

Driver app

Control center

Email support

Business profile page

Social sharable reviews

Referral links & bonus


All in


penguin bowtie 200.png

Everything in Basic

Business branding

Priority phone support

Link to Shofeur from your website

Manage all reservations in Shofeur

Getting Started Is Quick & Easy!


Asset 7.png

Create a listing by adding a description, photos/videos, vehicles specs, and hourly pricing.


Interested renters will contact you directly with their reservation details.

(event date, estimated rental price, route, group size)


Asset 5.png

You either accept, deny or counteroffer their reservation. If you choose to accept their reservation, you send them your offer.


Asset 2.png

Renters pay as soon as you send your offer. You get paid out instantly once the reservation is complete.

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